As Is

As Is

Lost Horse Press, 2009

Praise for As Is...

"Original, vivid, rash, and gutsy. I don't know anyone who has the ebullience and energy, combined with a sure sense of form, that Noethe displays in so many poems."

— Carolyn Kizer, author of The Ungrateful Garden and Harping On

"Sheryl Noethe is a poet familiar with dismay and distress, with sex and drugs and rock and roll. She chronicles a lost and battered world in gritty detail, a bleak world saved by her tough humor. She is not turned on by trappings of wealth but remains open to the possibility and wisdom of every moment in life. She's innocent by nature. It is what I love about her, and love about her poetry."

— Ed Lahey, author of Birds of a Feather and The Thin Air Gang

"It's been said if the work of an artist is not personal it is impersonal and as such, who's to care? I cannot begin to tell you how deeply moved and lifted away I was by [this] very deeply personal work. Thank you for Paris, so close to my very own and neatly remembered with loveliness and joy! Thank you for showing all the dangerous edges with such great language and confidence.... Above all, congratulations for such freedom earned: no award is more lofty or enviable."

— Martin Sheen, actor, Apocalypse Now, The West Wing

The Ghost Openings

The Ghost Openings

Grace Court Press, 2000

Praise for The Ghost Openings...

"Noethe takes the elements of our twenty-first century culture, cracks them open...and offers up a new arrangement, a new breathable atmosphere...."

— Sandra Alcosser, author of Except by Nature

"A great grab bag, a yard-sale laundry basket of stories encountered in a young woman's wanderings...from the ghettos of Manhattan to the schoolrooms of rural Idaho. Through dental and psychological disasters. And always accompanied, like a ribbon of strength threading itself through the whole book, by tender, funny, above all compassionate memories of Arlene, the beloved mother figure...."

— Patricia Goedicke, author of As Earth Begins to End

"Noethe is the survivor of 'a high-impact collision with childhood....' These are life-poems because they have swallowed so much loss and love."

— Roger Dunsmore, author of Earth's Mind and You're Just Dirt

The Descent of Heaven Over the Lake

The Descent of Heaven Over the Lake

New Rivers Press, 1984

From the back cover of The Descent of Heaven Over the Lake...

Sheryl Noethe grew up in Minneapolis and spent her summers on southern Minnesota farmland racing cars with her father, reading books and dreaming of horses. After high school she traveled through Europe and Greece and worked as a mime. Books were always the stable ground in a very wiggly world. In 1976 she won the American Academy of Poetry Award at the University of Minnesota. In 1983 she won a Loft/McKnight award which helped her stay sane between waiting on tables. She is working on keeping her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds. The Descent of Heaven Over the Lake is her first book.

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