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All organic life was created to fill the interval between planets.

Only those results with value accompany remembering.

Otherwise you do not exist in the observation,

and then, what is observation worth?

Quantum is the measure of influence of the observer upon the observed.

The electron microscope smashes what it examines

New subatomic items pop up everywhere we look:

Photons, gravitons, neutrinos, quarks, God particles.

There is no tool miniscule enough to study their details.

So we began smashing them into each other.

Deconstruction. It’s what we know.

The problem consists in directing attention to oneself without

Obliterating or weakening the attention directed on something else.

This something else could be any of us, inside or out.

If memory only keeps alive moments of self-remembering,

it is clear why memory is so poor.

All phenomena, without exception, is the result of simultaneous actions

of the three elementary forces: Positive, Negative, and Neutralizing.

In order to understand the meaning of this law it is necessary

to regard the Universe as consisting of continuous vibrations

Light, heat, chemical, and magnetic emanations are subject to the same laws as sound.

Parallel lines never meet in nature but these lines will eventually touch.

Having begun to do one thing, we, in fact, are constantly doing something entirely different,

although we continue to think we are doing the same thing we began to do.

First comes the principle of deviation of forces.

Nothing in the world stays in the same place or remains what it was.

Everything is going somewhere, changing, and either develops or goes down.

Fluctuations rise and fall, octaves descend, nothing can stay on one level.

Ascent or descent is the inevitable cosmic condition of any action.

Organic life was created to fill the interval between planets.

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