photo by Michael Gallacher
for Missoula Magazine

Sheryl Noethe is the Artistic Director and co-founder of the Missoula Writing Collaborative, a non-profit organization that trains and employs professional writers to teach creative writing in Montana's schools. She is also the co-author of Poetry Everywhere: Teaching Poetry Writing in School and in the Community, a book of poetry-writing lessons that has become a standard resource for writers-in-the-schools programs across the country.

"I want so much for these children," she says. "I want them to understand that writing is a way to survive. I want them to be able to express themselves, smartly and fluently, with delight. I want them to imagine what might be" (from "Love of Poetry," Missoula Magazine, spring/summer 2010).

Sheryl and the founding of the Missoula Writing Collaborative is the subject of Mackenzie Enich's short documentary film, "Notes From a Poet and a One Eyed Cat." Watch it here.

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